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Essays on Slang

Slang is defined as a vernacular that is not generally accepted as standard language in the speaker’s language. Slang is also typically much more informal than regular speech and is used to liven up a conversation, or for emphasis, conciseness, humor, novelty or even exaggeration. Essays on slang discuss the definition, origin, examples, and usage of slang.

A brief description of slang’s history can be a good introduction for essays on slang. The history of slang was traced in the English Criminal Cant of the 16th century, a kind of speech mostly used in saloons and gambling houses. Slang is commonly used for sensitive, offensive and banned subjects such as drunkenness, sexual organs and activities, drugs and drug use and elimination, and bodily waste. This use should be explained in essays on slang. Essays on slang should also provide a few examples of slang, such as 'airhead', which means someone who is not very intelligent, 'barf', which means to throw up, 'lame', which means uncool, and 'off the hook', which means great. Experts on the use of slang and who contributed to the understanding of slang should be mentioned in essays on slang as well. Erik Partridge a British lexicographer, who is known as the best collector of unconventional English in the 20th century, and Captain Francis Grose, who compiled the influential Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue in 1785 are two well-known figures that are worth noting. Lastly, essays on slang should also mention why the use of slang is sometimes opposed. Medical slang, for example, can cause confusion regarding medical information.

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