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How to Clean Room by Room Fast and Properly: Back to The Basics

Wondering how to keep your home clean quickly and professionally? Have you tried to tidy it up just to see it return to its messy self every few days or even the next day? How frustrating, sometimes! Do not worry, though! With a little effort and time, you can unveil the home cleaning secrets with ease.

One of the easiest ways to keep your whole house spick and span is dividing the cleaning from room to room (and by day). That way allows you to accomplish a little during any one period instead of emotionally and physically struggling to finish every task at once.

Below is the ultimate guide to keeping your space spotless by paying attention to one room at a time:


One of the surefire cleaning tips for the bedroom is the focus on storage. Do you have proper places for your accessories and outfits? If so, then the higher chance is, you can keep your personal space polished.

If space seems inadequate, you can invest in storage baskets or some similar kind of storage. Choose boxes which fit under the bed. Going for the suitable nightstand also helps make the room neater. Store your books, journals, etc. in the drawers. Use it as a work desk as well if it is big enough.

Develop the following habit to keep your bedroom tidy:

Make the bed

Fold your blankets

Move clutter to proper locations

Make nightstands, desks, and shelves free of dust

Use your best home vacuum to tackle the floor and rugs


Your bathroom may endure various messes, from mirror stains, your hair falling out, to toothpaste dribbles, shower grime, and wet floors. As you use it consistently and multiple times daily, cleaning up after yourself is the easiest. Do not wait a few weeks for a more massive mess.

Focus on these areas for an unstained, beautiful bathroom:

Deal with the sink

Scrub the tub, shower, and toilet

Get rid of spots on the mirror

Mop your floors including their corners


Do you know the culprit behind a messy kitchen? They are dishes! Prepare the sink’s one side with several drops of dish detergent and hot water. Throughout the day, feel free to add the bowls, plates, etc. to that part covered with soap. It will remove just about any food and grease off of your dishes. They will be effortlessly clean by the time you place the dishes in the dishwasher or wash them by hand.

Spend a few minutes tidying up the kitchen after each meal. You will then never have to tackle a huge mess in such an essential room in your house.

Pay attention to these areas when cleaning your kitchen:

Empty the dishwasher

Wipe countertops clean

Organize the fridge and pantry

Sweep and mop your floor

Clean the sink

Living room

This is one of the highest-traffic areas in your home. If you are not careful, your living room can become untidy with a large number of objects left lying around every day. Be sure to put your items where they belong. The living room is thus more likely to impress your friends significantly.

Follow these simple steps regularly for a neat and pretty room:

Put away any clutter - for example, books and toys

Fold the blankets

Shake your pillows

Dust end tables, coffee tables, etc.

Detail couches and floors with the vacuum cleaner for home (especially if there is a lot of pet hair)

Storage solutions to keep this area spotless:

Shoe rack: Does the living room have pile carpets? The constant traffic of feet can wear them down considerably. You should spare a place for your guests and family members to keep their shoes before entering your home. Otherwise, mainly focus on vacuuming the carpet.

Hidden storage: In case your home does not have enough space for items such as books and toys, you can rely on vertical shelving. It helps organize your things. Storage ottomans work to reduce clutter and keep things tidy as well.

Final thoughts: House cleaning checklist by room

Room by room cleaning is one of the best ways to work through your entire home. Follow the above guide to get the job done fast and efficiently.

If you are fond of getting competitive, use a timer, and see whether you can attain the same satisfying results in a shorter time. Making use of the timer also helps reinforce in your mind how swift cleaning can be.

Do you have other useful tips? Donate hesitate to share them with us!


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