• Born on October 9, 1950 in Valmiera, Latvia
• 1972 - 1974 studies in Riga Secondary School of Decorative Arts
• 1973 began his participation in LSSR and USSR art poster exhibitions
• 1975 joins LSSR Society of New Artists
• 1975- 1988 works as artist-decorator in LPSR Art Fund gallery
• 1977-1982 studies in Art Academy of Latvia (textile art)
• 1983 was contracted by LSSR Art Complex
• 1986 joins LSSR Art Association
• 1991 – 1993 works as an independent artist in interior sector and design sector in Latvia
• Since 1991 member of the Artists’ Union of Latvia
• 1993-2008 lives and works in Berlin, Germany
• 1994 – 2000 works as an independent designer, stylist and artist
• 1995 joins Association of Independent artists of Berlin (BBK)
• 1995-2003 solo art/collective exhibitions in Berlin, Potsdam, Kalv, Salzburg
• Since 2001 works as garden architect, designer and executer, as well as employee of company “Rufert” for electronic equipment maintenance service for subsidiaries of Bank Association of Berlin
• 2008 returns to Latvia
• Since 2008 teacher in Purvciems Crafts School of Riga
• Has begun again the artistic activity


17.08.12 14:00-17.09.12 Erberges Muiza, Latvia
08.12.12- 05.02.13 "3x23" Sternstr.107-109, Hamburg, Germany

Personal information Civil status: married; nationality: Latvian; age: 61; born in Valmiera, Latvia
Lived in Berlin from 1993 till 2008
Language skills Latvian, Russian, German
Expositions Until 1991: participated in Republic’s and Union’s expositions in Riga, Tallin, Moscow , Minsk and Tiflis
08.12.12-05.02.13 Hamburg, Gallery "3x23" Sternstr.107-109
13.08.12-10.09.12 Bezirk Nereta, Erberges Muiza, Latvia

1995 Art Privat Galerie Regina Menczik, Berlin /solo art exposition
1995 25. FBK Berlin
1995 Philip Morris Official Representative, Berlin/ solo art exposition
1995 Gallery “Am Neuen Palais“, Potsdam
1995 St.Mattheus Church , Berlin, Tiergarten/ solo art exposition
1996 Gallery „66“ Uwe Czesny, Berlin
1996 Deutsche Postbank AG, Berlin/ solo art exposition
1997 Gallery „Pilango“, Berlin
1997 Gallery Carlos Hulsch, Berlin
1997 Gallery “Kleine Weltlaterne“, Berlin/ solo art exposition
1998 Gallery Buschgraben, Berlin-Zahlendorf / solo art exposition
1999 Erotic Museum, Berlin /award 1. Beate Uhse in Erotic-Art contest
2000 Gallery „Vin d Oc“Jean-Gil Chodziesner-Bonne, Berlin/ solo art exposition
2000 Gallery „Kleine Weltlaterne“/ solo art exposition
2002 Reaktions-Bilder. Exposition devoted to 125th birthday of H.Hesse in Kalv
2003 Gallery „Vin d Oc“Jean-Gil Chodziesner-Bonne, Berlin/ solo art exposition
2003 Art Mess, Salzburg 2003
2011 Exposition in Saldus, Latvia/ solo art exposition
2012 Exposition in Malpils, Latvia/ solo art exposition


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