PlayStation 4Gaming in 2020

PlayStation 4Gaming in 2020
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Sony warns: PSN name change can cause problems with these PS4 games

The name changes for PS4 users in PSN are now possible. But that does not work fine. In extreme cases, you can lose all game progress or in-game currency. We show you affected games.

Those are the changes: Since April 11, all users on the PlayStation Network can change their names, which are the PSN IDs. The change is free the first time.

Many players are happy that they can now break away from old names that they can no longer identify with.

Here changes can lead to problems: Sony explained that not all games support these changes. On the contrary. It could cause extreme problems.

Saved games with memory data, ranking data or trophy advances could be lost
Parts of the games and applications may not work as expected - this includes online and offline activities
You can lose access to content. This includes paid content as well as extras and virtual currencies

Sony states that they believe that this could occur only in a very small number of games for the PlayStation consoles. Don't forget you can bypass this issue by using mods from Megamods. One warns however expressly, if you want to change your name.
Which games have serious problems with a name change in the PSN?

In the following games Sony came to the conclusion that a name change brings serious problems.

It is recommended that you do not change the PSN ID if you still want to gamble on one of the games listed below. Otherwise permanent errors could occur or even data could be lost.

Another list shows games that could also have problems with a name change, but these are not so extreme.
Games with problems after name change in PSN

Sony distinguishes between serious and non-severe problems that a name change can cause. In this case, non-fatal problems are:

You and other players will still see the old online ID or are no longer visible. Logging in and out of the game could help
PlayStation user accounts could be removed from the game accounts. If you reconnect them, the original link may be restored
Some game settings such as audio or controller could be reset. Logging in and out of the game could restore the original settings

Which games work after the name change in the PSN without problems?

In the tests of Sony many games showed no problems after a name change. There's a big list on the PlayStation website for that. Usually, all games originally released after April 1, 2018 should have no name change issues. However, during the beta phase of the PSN ID changes, a game encountered problems that were not fully compatible with the change.