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Port forwarding is receiving community requests on a sure port of a machine and forwarding those requests to a unique port. They believe theyre making requests to a single server. Doing so ensures that any requests that need to go to a Minecraft server should go through Kong first. One of my pals is coming again from the army on go away, so I am going to also be doing stuff with him this weekend. So, WRUP this weekend? Hey, as long as we're already talking about combining things, we would as properly go whole-hog into this week's WRUP. Well, that is, if I might throw in some Wurm Online as well. Hmmm, properly the primary one would be straightforward to pick -- pre-CU Star Wars Galaxies! Whether or not it's interviews with Chris Roberts and the Cloud Imperium workforce or ideas and guides for pushing your ship's performance envelope, Stick and Rudder is your inside supply for information and commentary on the world of Star Citizen.