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I'm also bummed that the gmotd characteristic has been basically ineffective for months on end. Blizzard can terminate the settlement from its finish at any time for any motive or no reason. Every server is a distinct copy of WoW, categorised by Totaly different parameters for play and time zone; and each hosts its own community, with Distinctive reputations, norms, and histories. Keep the page updated and start creating an video intro to your server. He tried to elucidate it, however each time he would start, this other particular person would lower him off and begin explaining some. When others begin pointing and fussing at the healing meters, communicate up about what actually matters: your contribution to protecting teammates alive. I don't believe there's an invite limit (although I could be fallacious). It would be great to be able to limit the harm, but Blizzard apparently disagrees. And let me be clear, as the writer of the e-mail has already alluded up to now: clearing Naxx does not make you a terrific and even a great player. My guild is brand new, 3-four weeks old, and we run Ulduar 10 and ToC 10 as well as Naxx 25 and Naxx 10 for the new 80s. As of proper now, I am my guild's GM as well as raid chief.