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    Blackwind is a top down sci-fi action game that puts you in the position of a teenager trapped inside an armored suit of battle in the midst of an alien invasion. Fight against your enemies and break through their ranks in order to take down a planet-wide invasion.
    When the starship Pandora is shot down, James Hawkins finds himself trapped within a prototype of the military Battle Frame armor as he is hurling towards Medusa-42. While the Raknos monsters ravage the earth and leave every human mining community in ruin, James doesn't have long for him to master the Battle Frame if he wants to stay alive in the dangerous world and track down his missing father.
    However, James isn't the only one on the hunt An unexpected friend is hidden inside the Battle Frame...
    Select your style of play: Take part in melee battle Shoot at your will or launch missiles towards foes, or apply unique Battle Suit powers to survive fights.
    Fiercely terminate your opponents using brutal, ruthless moves.
    Enhance Your Battle Frame with new powers as well as expand your skills.
    Use the Battle Frame Drone for a more extensive fighting as well as explore the capabilities of the single-player game.
    Two people can operate either the Battle Frame or Drone in Local Coop Mode.

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