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    Ryobi P261 Cordless Impact Wrench Review 

    From the complete manufacturer website Ryobi impact wrench review, this power tool is aesthetically appealing, especially with the mix of lemon-green and black color. It delivers greatly and has an array of features that make it more functional and highly-performing for all kinds of jobs. The tool is built to last long and with minimal maintenance routine, it will maintain its performance always. The List of Top Remodeling Tools to Buy - Best Product Reviews offers a comprehensive explanation of the features of this device in detail.

    Features of Ryobi P261 Cordless Impact Wrench

    300 ft. lbs. of Torque.

    It is made from plastic and metal

    3,200 IPM.

    Up to 2,200 RPM speed.

    ½” size.

    Cordless design 

    Battery is not included.

    18 Volts power rating. 

    It operates 3 speeds.

    It measures 3x 8 x 7.75 inches in width, height and length respectively. 

    The Advantages of Ryobi P261 Cordless Impact Wrench

    One of the best features of this lightweight impact wrench is the 3-speed feature that can be switched depending on the requirement for a particular job. This feature is a selector switch which makes it convenient to use. It also comes with tri-beam LED lights that will light up your environment, even the darkest work surface area.

    It generates more than 300 ft.lbs. of Torque when applied to log nuts, screws, or bolts. It will make up to 3,200 impacts per minute with over 2000 RPM speed- all these figures make the tool a desirable impact wrench. The ½” size is small enough to be used in tight spaces and areas that can be difficult for ¾” impact wrenches. 

    The metal and plastic design materials make this tool highly durable and light enough for easy handling. It has a very low noise level which is another desirable feature here and you may not need to wear an ear noise-canceling device.  

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    The Cons of Ryobi P261 Cordless Impact Wrench

    Batteries are not included in this package; hence you need to spend extra to get such. It is important to look for the recommended battery as the Ryobi P261 Cordless Impact Wrench does not work with batteries outside of Ryobi recommended batteries.  

    Bottom Line on Ryobi P261 Cordless Impact Wrench

    As the best impact wrench for the money, you want to spend extra to buy any other accessories you will need. Ryobi P261 Cordless Impact Wrench has a wide range of applications. It is an ideal impact wrench for changing tires and some other auto and industrial applications. You must be familiar with your needs as this cordless impact wrench may not be suitable for some heavier applications. You need to apply lubrication at least once in 2 days because ½” impact wrenches need more maintenance care than the heavier ¾” impact wrench. The Best Home Tools and Equipment Reviews will give you more information you need to make the right choice of an impact wrench.