All artworks/prints/paintings copyright belongs to original authors. In every case regarding reproduction etc you must contact with Artist.

If any artworks posted here are in violation of copyright law, please contact us and we will gladly remove the offending images immediately. Also upon request I can add any required additional information, where artwork can be seen, bought. How to contact Author and so on. Some of the images were sent to me directly via e-mail ( ).

This site does NOT offer any reproductions or prints and does NOT sell any Artwork it just helps all art lovers find the artworks they like and contact with artist for more information.

Witch art belongs to Public domain artworks?

Most of the Europe country's has 70 pma. If you see if artist is dead 70 ago or more years ago in most cases this means that all his artworks are in public domain, excluding Spain witch has 80 pma. For more information you can read this article.

I fully allow to use for any purpose ONLY Public Domain artoworks, but I recommend check it with your country copyright association. If you are not sure what organization represents some images, write me a e-mail and I will gladly help you to find out whom to contact.