Cat Grooming Singapore

Cat Grooming Singapore

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What does cat grooming services normally include? Cats normally groom themselves, that is their nature, however cats require additional grooming services from their owners. Cat grooming Singapore services by pets workshop normally includes trimming of the front and back claws, washing your pets with a degreasing shampoo, detangling, cleaning etc. Call us now to book an appointment for your cat grooming.

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Cat Grooming in Singapore, know more about the pets workshop near Tampines who provides cat grooming services at a very affordable cost in a cosy environment. At pets workshop, the groomers are professionally qualified to handle your pets with utmost care. Pets Workshop understands that every pet is different, and the same handling method cannot apply to all pets.

You can consult the award-winning pet groomers in Pets Workshop before opting for the best suitable services for your pets. Regular sanitisation of our floors and grooming area help to keep your pets secure. We do not use products that irritate your cats, and the best products are chosen to give comfort to your pets. Learn more about our services for your cats.

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