EOTech 558 Holographic Sight

EOTech 558 Holographic Sight

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The EOTech 558 EXPS3 is a holographic weapon sight that uses a 2 MOA red dot to provide feedback on the target. It offers unlimited eye relief and can be used with eyeglasses or while wearing gas masks. The EOTech 558 EXPS3 has an auto shut-off feature, which conserves battery life by turning off after 12 hours of inactivity. There are four reticle patterns available for this device - standard cross hairs, horseshoe/round pattern, chevron pattern, and circle pattern. This model also features side buttons that allow users to change settings without removing their hands from their weapons

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What is better, a red dot or holographic sight Know More https://scopesplace.com/products/g33-558

The EOTech 558 holographic sight is the most popular product in its category because of its durability and ruggedness. Military personnel trusted it for years, and now civilians can enjoy this same quality at a great price point.

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