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joomla website maintenance Traralgon
Like many other web applications Joomla may be running on a Lamp stack.Many web hosts have control panels for automatic installation of Joomla.On Windows,Joomla can be installed using the Mocrosoft web platform installer.Which automatically detects and installs dependencies,such as PHP or My SQL.Many web sites providing information on installing and maintaining Joomla sites.
Migration /Configuration
Joomla1! utilizes a configuration file to control various settings including database connection settings.Due to the use of a configuration file,migrating from one server to another is relatively simple.
Joomla extensions extend the functionality of Joomla websites.Eight types of extensions may be distinguished :components,modules,plugins,templates,language,libraries,files and packages.Each of these extensions handles a specific function.
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Many of the extensions built by the Joomla!Community are not free but require a payment for download.
1) Components are the largest and most complex extensions.
2) Plugins are advanced extensions and are,in essence,event handlers.
3) Templates describe the main design of a Joomla website.
4) Modules render pages in the Joomla.
5) Languages are very simple extensions that can either be used as a core part or as an extension.
6) Libraries are usually extra php libraries that provide functionality of a component,module or plugin to work correctly.
Files are a single files that can be installed anywhere in the Joomla file system.Packages allow user to install combinations of any other extension type listed above.

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