Silambam: Story, Rules, Brief History, How to Play

Silambam: Story, Rules, Brief History, How to Play

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Silambam is a popular form of martial artsArtsThis is done with the help of a few specific weapons, primarily bamboo sticks. It is popular in Tamil Nadu.Nadu(India), which is also home to the game's birthplace, where it was discovered in approximately 1000 BCE. The Tamil SangamLiterature has early Silambam records

It is an ancient weapon-based martial arts. Silambam, etymologically, means "staff from hills". The word meaning of Silam is "hills" and the word "Kambu" is "staff or sticks". The bamboo sticks are used by the players to play this game on a hard surface. There are a few things to note.16 types of footworkThis martial art is a great example of this. Silambam Rules

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