Paddleball: Story, Brief History, Equipment, Accessories

Paddleball: Story, Brief History, Equipment, Accessories

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Paddleball Is it a Racquet sport Which is played as Singles(against at least two players) DoublesTwo teams of two players each, with a Perforated and wooden paddles With no webbing, and with a Small rubber ball This game involves players hitting the ball against a wall with a paddle while their opponents try to rebound.There are One, three, and four-wall GamesThey can be played in singles or doubles.Three-wall and one-wall games Are played11, 15, 21, or 25 points And Four-wallIs it a21-point game.
In the beginning, a four-wall paddle was invented1930 by Earl RiskeyA P.Ed. Instructor, and then Director of Intramural Sport at the University of Michigan. Paddleball is a popular court sport in Michigan.United States

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