Dental Braces - The benefits

Dental Braces - The benefits

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Your dentist can examine your gums and could let you know the possible causes for swollen gums. Book a consultation now with Kent dental works, your consultation charges range from S$30 to S$50.

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Dental Braces are used to align or straighten the teeth and guide the teeth to the corrected position. It is used not only to improve the facial appearance of a person but also to treat orthodontic problems like open bite, jaw structure, and many more.

There are different types of braces available. These are Metal Conventional Braces, Metal Self-ligating Braces, Ceramic Conventional Braces, Lingual Braces, and Aligners. The dentist in Singapore would know and suggest which kind of dental braces are suitable for the patient.

It is important to have a proper dental checkup with your dentist before proceeding with any treatments such as Root Canal Treatment in Singapore

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