Electric Car Conversion Kit

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Consumers eager to get behind the wheel of an electric car have experienced crushing disappointment for many years. But now, they may finally have their chance. Major auto companies—like Ford, Chevy and Nissan—plan to roll out the next generation of practical, affordable plug-in cars in 2011 or 2012. Niche players like Tesla, Fisker, and Miles are also hitting the market. But what if you can’t wait two or three years for an EV? Or if you don’t have deep enough pockets for a Tesla? What if you don’t believe car companies’ press releases? There’s an answer for those skeptics and impatient souls: An electric car conversion. But be prepared for major compromises to test the limits of your skepticism and impatience. For more please visit: http://www.electriccarpartscompany.com or call us +1 (801) 566-5678 or mail us info@electriccarpartscompany.com .

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