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"Troika" is Perov's largest genre painting in terms of format and, probably, one of the most emotional [1] .

For a long time, the artist wrote works on social themes, believing that the picture should tell about the difficulties of peasant life [2] . By the time the painting was painted, many of the artist's paintings were also dedicated to children - for example, "Orphans" ( 1864 , see illustration ), "Seeing off the deceased" ( 1865 , see illustration ), "Boy at the workshop" ( 1865 , see . ill. )

In this picture, Vasily Perov addresses the topic of child labor. Three tired and frozen children are dragging a sled with a barrel full of water along a winter street. The outflowing water freezes like icicles on the surface of the barrel, which once again makes it clear how cold children should be. A grown man is pushing the cart from behind. An icy wind blows in the face of children. The cart is accompanied by a dog running on the right in front of the children.

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