fantasy swam forrest

fantasy swam forrest

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Renata Regina Sabatowska-Melieste world of art is amazing en surprising due to its great imagination, sensitivenes of painting,a research of novelty in the art, a fluctuation among surrealism, fantasy and science fiction. Reality and abstraction at her pictures demand to search for from and essence through creating of the other world plenty of misterious figures with strange atributes, animals settled in landscapes, never existing flora - world enriched by visional and fantastic creation of fine arts which made themselfs a unique phenomenon with unaccountable of means an artistic expresion. Everybody could see her skills of drawings and paintings and a sense od colour and compositions. Above abillities allow and expression of words meaning, a symbolism and imagination, dreams as a personal experience, impressions thoughts of the origin or the surrealism, and borders between the fantasy and the hard science fiction.The create imagination is summoned and materialised, stopped in the frame of the artworks of artist, it induces audience to looking of differences between real and inner artist's world. The inner world is dominant above imagination concering and ritch of magic and flexibility. Artist uses the shadows of real world and human experiences and anxieties. It is possible to address them towards permanent questions about the sense of existentialism based on the way of searching for elan vitale and sense of existence - while "the whole world is boiling in the fire of love, the all in the wolrd is burning in the fire of hatred!" The slogan from amazing words of Confutio was often a motto of her exibitions and inspirations. She lives in the "Different Dimension" - in another side of the thinking and the feeling. Then RenataRegina's output seems to go beyond the relity giving the basic vision of this different dimension in another world of magic and dreams. It provides in a mood of contemplations, in never ending source of inspiration and creation - in various sides of vanished things and lasting things due to extraordinary even incomprehensible mysterious aura... and it allows to seize for something else.
She finished arts studies in art branch of the Katowice University of Silesia. She made artdiploma by painting cathedral of doc. Lis and L.Kolodziejczyk. Also she was prive student of fameous artist Janina Zemojtel from Wroclaw. And she gave her in the time of lessons most of the technisc and colouristic skills. Warched at school for teachers as methodes and art techniscs teacher. She worked also in secondary Wroclaw's schools as an art, art history, art technics, theatre and writting teacher. She was writting for newspappers and writting love and romantic poems. She was born in Poland but now she lives and creates in Holland. Lives science fiction and fantasy pictures but also stillifes and portretts. Her slogan for now: "Let's go return to our roots! Let's go listen the language of trees, flowers, wind, clouds, plants and rocks! Let's go dance all around fire like old Celts! With opened heart and opened mind! Maybe we will hear the voices of the past? Ancient knight... melody of the swords... and kisses of lovers which gone with the wave of the time... maybe we could feel their pain and their extases...Let's go take the hot power and happiness of our ancestors and theis history... one day will wake up the new legend of us..."

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