Happy Bearsday - 6 Pages Mini Quiet Book

Happy Bearsday - 6 Pages Mini Quiet Book

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Quiet Books are interactive, child-friendly, and educational books that offer numerous opportunities for imaginative activity and independent learning. From simple activities like sorting colors and shapes, playing with finger puppets to multiplication tables and reading the clock - our Quiet Books promote the cognitive, motor, and social development of your child depending on their age and interests. They are also known as silent books, interactive books, busy books, fabric books, activity books, sensory books, motor skills books, or tactile books. By offering various activities on different pages, the quiet books enable the child to practice and learn a variety of skills, for example in the areas of fine motor skills, concentration, hand-eye coordination, understanding of order and logical thinking. These soft toys are self-explanatory and intuitive and therefore require a minimum of explanation or intervention from elders. Unlike the toys with sound effects available in the market, the quiet books stimulate the child's creativity and imagination aby offering bright colors and contrasts. Their light weight nature makes them easy to carry and can fit in every handbag. These baby toys are a savior in any situation - especially when your child needs to keep quiet and busy in a meaningful way. Such situations range from doctor's appointments to long car journeys, flights or simply for home use. Besides that, they also make a handmade individual and special gift for Christmas or a birthday.

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undefineHappy Bearsday - 6 Pages Mini Quiet Book

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