teniers david the younger flemish kermess

teniers david the younger flemish kermess

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Author name: David Tenier the Younger.
(1610, Antwerp, Belgium – 1690, Brussels, Belgium). He became a master of the Antwerp guild of St. Luke, in 1632–3. During the 1630s he produced small-format religious scenes. By 1647 Teniers was working for archduke Leopold William, governor of the Southern Netherlands from 1646, and in 1651 he became the archduke’s court painter. He consequently moved from Antwerp to the court at Brussels.

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  • 2011-02-22 23:38:00

    i have and it is a early 20th century copy of this very same painting,it is four foot by eleven foot and is on canvas and is done in oil,the painting is an awsome very detailed copy and i just don't know were to go or what to do with it,do you have any idea's?? thank you my email address is tomcannard@yahoo.com i live in st helens oregon

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