Bartolomeo Schedoni (1578-1615)

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Author name: Bartolomeo Schedoni
(1578, Modena - 1615). He was an Italian early Baroque painter from Reggio Emilia. He moved to Parma with his father. Soon he was sent to be apprenticed under Federico Zuccari in Rome after 1598, with the sponsorship of Ranuccio I Farnese, Duke of Parma. He soon returned to Parma. The baroque art historian Count Carlo Cesare Malvasia also claims he trained under Annibale Carracci in Bologna. He may have died of suicide after a night of heavy gambling losses. His painting shows knowledge of Caravaggio’s work. His masterpieces are now in the Galleria Nazionale of Parma, and were the two paintings intended for the altar of the church of the Capuchin convent in Fontevivo, near Parma.