Victorian Watercolours

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Victorian watercolors (c.1835-c.1900) represent the culmination of developments described under Late Georgian watercolors. They are a remarkable high point in the watercolor tradition, both in the diversity of the artistic styles and in the technical sophistication of the paintings. Yet this is also a period of imaginative mediocrity and naked kitsch: as Martin Hardie wrote, "to a large extent the water-colours of the Victorian era reflect the dullness, vulgarity, pretentiousness and self-righteousness of the period." Unfortunately, this dour critical verdict has consigned many amazing technical achievements to unjustified obscurity. These works still have much to teach the contemporary painter.

1861x1431 2486
1868x1248 2493
1585x1418 2500
1848x1311 2532
1422x2289 2582
1858x1125 2634
1872x1311 2656
1409x2279 2702
1844x1555 2719
1569x1095 2723
1861x1469 2766
1508x2258 2772
1537x1001 2793
1843x1308 2813
1782x1282 2815
1858x1486 2820
1848x1352 2830
1188x1621 2832
1854x1180 2859
1127x2251 2872