Victorian Watercolours

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Victorian watercolors (c.1835-c.1900) represent the culmination of developments described under Late Georgian watercolors. They are a remarkable high point in the watercolor tradition, both in the diversity of the artistic styles and in the technical sophistication of the paintings. Yet this is also a period of imaginative mediocrity and naked kitsch: as Martin Hardie wrote, "to a large extent the water-colours of the Victorian era reflect the dullness, vulgarity, pretentiousness and self-righteousness of the period." Unfortunately, this dour critical verdict has consigned many amazing technical achievements to unjustified obscurity. These works still have much to teach the contemporary painter.

1257x1298 4455
1858x1228 3949
1851x985 4419
1628x1154 3207
1268x1802 3164
981x1450 3205
1861x985 3102
2327x1755 3626
1535x2166 3267
1551x1267 6103
1254x1867 3273
1234x1910 3088
1778x1394 4611
1650x1338 3401
1854x1338 3876
1679x1381 4103
2035x1274 6361
2112x1158 4452
1103x2265 3551
1568x1127 3914