Victorian Watercolours

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Victorian watercolors (c.1835-c.1900) represent the culmination of developments described under Late Georgian watercolors. They are a remarkable high point in the watercolor tradition, both in the diversity of the artistic styles and in the technical sophistication of the paintings. Yet this is also a period of imaginative mediocrity and naked kitsch: as Martin Hardie wrote, "to a large extent the water-colours of the Victorian era reflect the dullness, vulgarity, pretentiousness and self-righteousness of the period." Unfortunately, this dour critical verdict has consigned many amazing technical achievements to unjustified obscurity. These works still have much to teach the contemporary painter.

1165x2166 4377
1858x1004 2957
1331x1902 2858
1992x1317 3318
1328x1799 2869
1851x837 2910
1858x1307 2973
1843x1308 2787
1194x1902 5934
1778x1158 3276
1827x1342 4890
1569x1095 2696
1400x1902 2995
1875x1503 2963
1585x1418 2490
1188x1621 2744
1861x1139 3102
1865x1236 3744
1865x1379 3390
871x1890 2967