Victorian Watercolours

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Victorian watercolors (c.1835-c.1900) represent the culmination of developments described under Late Georgian watercolors. They are a remarkable high point in the watercolor tradition, both in the diversity of the artistic styles and in the technical sophistication of the paintings. Yet this is also a period of imaginative mediocrity and naked kitsch: as Martin Hardie wrote, "to a large extent the water-colours of the Victorian era reflect the dullness, vulgarity, pretentiousness and self-righteousness of the period." Unfortunately, this dour critical verdict has consigned many amazing technical achievements to unjustified obscurity. These works still have much to teach the contemporary painter.

1272x1699 5667
1865x1167 4769
2033x1000 5089
1882x1455 4481
1817x830 4993
1865x1376 5183
1858x1417 4859
1557x1087 4724
1679x1077 4268
1688x2019 4857
1858x1338 5345
1485x1902 4436
1674x1593 5404
1191x1902 4389
1573x2138 5840
1844x1256 4867
1340x1833 4768
1540x1699 4692
1899x1283 4627
1539x1114 4694