Steven J. Levin

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Steven J. Levin was born in Minneapolis MN in 1964. His interest in art began early, when as a young boy, Levin would spend hours drawing alongside his father, a commercial artist. Recognizing his talent and interest, Levin’s father gave Steven many impromptu drawing lessons and tips, as well as instructional books to aid in his artistic development. After high school, with his mind fixed upon becoming an artist, Levin enrolled at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

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1608x712 8138
1660x1156 5317
1643x1125 5688
1263x951 6668
1428x1005 10030
854x1000 7885
1112x1384 8179
1537x1153 5508
1020x1374 6034
1077x1038 7479
1476x1143 7294
1303x1030 6793