Eyvind Earle

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“The passing of Eyvind Earle leaves a hollow place in the art world’s firmament. The artists who occupy a space all their own are few. He was one of that exclusive number. We can be thankful for his uniqueness, his visual poetry and the prolific blessings he left with us. Somewhere, there is a new start in the heavens now, shining with an Eyvind Earle brilliance.” -Jack Hines

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514x700 4722
900x1064 5655
1280x852 3152
1280x928 2990
795x1039 4053
630x1200 3642
1270x657 4555
1280x788 4606
896x1200 4038
862x1200 8034
900x1123 4641
1280x642 5346
1200x1495 6493
799x1042 3277
592x1200 3212
1280x956 3546