Bell Julie

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Julie Bell is riding at the top in the field of superstar illustrators of the world today. Her credits include creating advertising illustrations for the elite of the corporate world, such as Nike, Coca-Cola and The Ford Motor Company, painting book covers for the major publishing houses in NYC or doing album covers for artists such as Meat Loaf.

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1060x1288 4788
870x1200 3645
858x1200 4072
763x1200 7094
849x1200 3925
1012x1200 3703
1198x1200 4163
886x1200 4193
798x1200 3828
1200x1170 3994
766x1200 3584
902x1200 3831
783x1200 3764
1200x872 4318
1200x1191 3951
778x1200 4516
930x1200 3621
879x1200 3701