POLLAIUOLO Antonio del Portrait Of A Girl

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POLLAIUOLO Antonio del Portrait Of A Girl

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Author name: Antonio Pollaiuolo.Also known as Pollaiolo or Pollajuolo.
In Florence, in the second part of the 15th century, he and his brother Piero (c.1441-96), ran one of the most successful workshops in the city. They worked as painters, sculptors, engravers, goldsmiths and designrs of embroidery, and their knowledge of anatomy and the new technique of oil-painting, together with the study they made of the problems of representing violent action, placed them at the head of the scientific painters immediately preceding Leonardo.

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  • 2018-07-13 05:21:59

    Antonio learned goldsmithing and metalworking from either Vittore Ghiberti (son of Lorenzo) or Andrea del Castagno. Piero probably learned painting from Andrea del Castagno and became his brother’s associate in goldsmithing, painting, sculpture, and engraving

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