A J Gros Bonaparte Visiting the Pesthouse in Jaffa

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A J Gros Bonaparte Visiting the Pesthouse in Jaffa

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Author name: Antoine-Jean Gros.
(1771-1835). French painter. He trained with his father, a miniaturist and then with Jacques-Louis David. In 1793 Gros went to Italy, where he met Napoleon and was appointed his official battle painter. He followed Napoleon on his campaigns, and his huge paintings such as The Battle of Eylau (Louvre, Paris, 1808) are among the most stirring images of the Napoleonic era. When David went into exile after the fall of Napoleon, Gros took over his studio, and tried to work in a more consciously Neoclassical style. Gros is regarded as one of the leading figures in the development of Romanticism.

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