Alexandre Gabriel Decamps Albanian Dancers

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Alexandre Gabriel Decamps Albanian Dancers

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Author name: Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps.
(1803, Paris, France – 1860, Fontainebleau, France). French painter, draughtsman and printmaker. He entered the atelier of Etienne Bouhot (1780–1862) in 1816. Towards the end of 1818 he left Bouhot to study under Alexandre-Denis Abel de Pujol, quitting his studio in 1819–20 in order to embark upon a career as an independent professional artist.

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    Alexandre was conceived September eighth, 1987. He originates from Montreal, Quebec, Canada yet lives in Rosemere, Essay-Lounge, Quebec. He is 22 years of age and contends in the Men's Freestyle Moguls. He is the main Canadian to win Olympic Gold on home soil.

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