Alessandro Botticelli (1444-1510)

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Author name: Alessandro Botticelli also known as Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi, Sandro Botticelli or Il Botticello).
(1444, Florence, Republic of Florence, (now Italy) - 1510, Florence, Republic of Florence, (now Italy)). He was an Italian painter of the Florentine school during the Early Renaissance (Quattrocento). Less than a hundred years later, this movement, under the patronage of Lorenzo de' Medici, was characterized by Giorgio Vasari as a "golden age", a thought, suitably enough, he expressed at the head of his Vita of Botticelli. His posthumous reputation suffered until the late 19th century; since then his work has been seen to represent the linear grace of Early Renaissance painting. Among his best known works are The Birth of Venus and Primavera.
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